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With regret, Pets/Friends for Life needs to announce that the shelter is temporarily closed for adoptions and surrenders due to a contagious outbreak.

The health and safety of the cats and kittens in our care is of utmost importance to us. We are working with Animal Welfare to control this outbreak. Entry to the shelter is through very limited appointment only.

We appreciate everyone’s continued support as the costs related to the control of this outbreak are substantial.

Until it is deemed safe for our beloved cats and kittens, visitors are not permitted.

  • Adoptions are done in person at the Pets/Friends For Life shelter. Adoptions may be processed the same day, and you can go home with your new cat! Cats and kittens are adopted on a first-come, first-served basis for approved adopters.


  • Pets/Friends for Life policy is that all adopted cats go to homes where they will be indoor cats only. Many of our cats have come to us from a life on the streets after they have been abandoned or lost from a previous home. We wish to ensure that these cats do not have to suffer the dangers of the outdoors again, including cars, wild animals, and dangerous substances. If you are considering adopting a cat from us, please consider your kitty's long-term safety and respect our "indoors only" policy. 


  • Our adoption fee, of $230 for adult cats and kittens, and $200 for senior cats, includes first vaccinations.


  • We work with several veterinary clinics to spay and neuter our cats. Adult cats will have been spayed or neutered upon adoption. If you wish to adopt a younger cat or kitten, they must be spayed or neutered later. You may choose to see a veterinarian of your choice for this and provide a paid certificate or invoice in order for our organization to refund a portion of the procedure.


  • All cats will have been de-wormed and treated for fleas prior to adoption and will have received a wellness examination by a veterinarian. The cat's health record will be included in the adoption paperwork.

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Thank you!

Adoption forms

To speed up your adoption, download and fill out an adoption application ahead of your appointment! Please select the correct form for an adult cat or kitten:


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Cats For Adoption

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We have many more cats looking for homes.
Contact us to make an appointment and meet them all!
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